Boddenly Vampire Tooth Horror False Teeth Fangs for Halloween Party Retractable Vampire Fangs Cool Holiday Party Fake Vampire Teeth for Cosplay Props Party Dress-Up Halloween

【Creavitive】The unique design of vampire fangs can make you stand out at the prom and become the most special one in the crowd. If you want to be fascinating in dress-up parties, cosplay parties and Halloween parties, this vampire fangs is a fashion item you can’t miss.
【Easy to Wear】Easy to wear and use, it is the perfect match for a family Halloween party. These fangs are realistic and reusable. They fit canines or incisors or bottom teeth. This retractable brace allows you to easily put it in your mouth, and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you put it on your teeth.
【Retractable Design】The retractable design can be adapted to canine teeth and/or incisor teeth or mandibular teeth. Can be worn by children over 6 years old, convenient, comfortable and safe. It’s safe and comfortable. These vampire dentures props are good for party character play.
【Suitable for You Party】With this Halloween Party vampire Fangs –You control when the fangs appear and disappear. This is specially designed for your makeup, especially perfect for Halloween parties or costume parties and suitable for use as a vampire, werewolf, cosplay costume accessory.
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