This Halloween Party Punch Will Knock You on Your Keister

Here is a fun adult Halloween Party Punch idea that I guarantee will add Halloween cheer to your  party.  The presentation is spooky and your Halloween party guests are involved in the preparation. And, this Halloween Party Punch changes flavor and color several times as the night progresses in an unpredictable fashion.


This punch goes down really easy and your guests need to be careful not to over do it. This is not a good recipe if folks will be driving home anytime soon. You may want to limit it to the first few hours of the event so your guests can get home safely.


  • Clean small plastic garbage pail
  • Long handled ladle
  • Dry Ice (wear gloves when handling- it can burn bare skin)


  • Vodka
  • 2 bottles of 2 different fruit juices (for example, orange, pineapple, apricot, apple, etc.)


Set up the clean garbage pail on a table in a dark corner. Drape the table with a dark fabric and also wrap a piece of fabric around the pail securing it in the back with masking tape. This will be your punch bowl. Put a small colored light behind the punch bowl to provide back lighting.  You can either put the light on the table or on the floor in the corner behind the table. The idea is to have some light to show off the “mist” from the Dry Ice as it billows out of the punch bowl. The color of the light bulb that you choose will vary the effect. I like red, but green is also interesting. Place your beverage glasses and the ladle on the table.

The Dry Ice is optional but very highly recommended. It usually fairly easy to find if you live anywhere near a major city. It is definitely worth a drive to have this in your punch. In case you are not familiar with Dry Ice, it will keep the punch cold and clouds of CO2 gas will flow out of the top of the “punch bowl”. This is a great effect. You’ve seen it in just about every 50’s horror movie. The colored back lighting will enhance the effect.

Add a bottle of Vodka and 2 bottles of fruit juice to the punch bowl. Just before the party starts add the Dry Ice to the pail. Use enough to provide a good quantity of mist. Keep some of the Dry Ice to add later.

On the Halloween Party Invitation, ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite fruit juice. As each guest arrives, you will put  their bottle of fruit juice aside. As the party progresses, you will add whatever juice is handy to the punch bowl and some more Vodka. You want to keep about a 2 parts fruit juice to 1 part Vodka ratio, but you can control how strong the punch is.


Guests will fill their own glasses from the punch bowl using the ladle. The Dry Ice mist will prevent them from seeing the punch, which will change color and flavor as different fruit juices are added. Each time, it is a new experience. You and your guests will be amazed at how delicious the punch is as the various fruit juices combine in different proportions. And your guests will be exclaiming to each other, “Oh, have you tried the new punch?”

The party will be lively and your guests will be enjoying your constantly changing Halloween Party Punch.

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